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Neil Forsyth
Hesdshot of Neil Forsyth, writer of Guilt

Kieran Parker of Black Camel Pictures

Kieran Parker, along with his wife Arabella Page Croft, set up the multi-award winning Black Camel Pictures in Glasgow. The company rose to prominence after the release of Outpost in 2008, a film with a storied background to production which become a word-of-mouth success. Resulting in one of Scotland’s most successful film franchises. 

The company went on to bigger and better things with many cinematic releases, documentaries and television drama productions under their belt.

They recently shot an episode of TV crime drama ‘Annika’ on location at Ayrshire College. It was this link up that allowed us to convince Kieran to give up some of his precious time to talk to the attendees at the ACTV film festival.


With experience as a producer, director and screenwriter Kieran Parker will deliver great insight and encouragement to our students and all other attendees.  

We are delighted to announce Scottish writer/producer, Neil Forsyth will be the first external contributor to the ACTV film festival. Neil came to prominence in Scottish television with his sardonic depiction of the Dundonian burger van owner, Bob Servant (played by Brian Cox).


He followed that up with the highly regarded and renowned Guilt but his latest offering The Gold, has seen him go stratospheric, playing out in the highly coveted BBC 9pm Sunday evening timeslot.


Following on from Guilt being proclaimed the greatest Scottish drama for decades critics have proclaimed The Gold to be “the greatest British drama in decades”. 

We are incredibly lucky to attract Neil to contribute. 

Kieran Parker

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