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Submit A Film To The Ayrshire Film Festival

Updated: May 11

As we have been saying all across social media and in our previous news articles we have expanded this year to include an award for students from outwith Ayrshire College.

This year's Ayrshire Film Festival includes an external award and this post will show the simple process for submitting an entry.

Simply scan the QR code at the bottom of this article. It will take you to a form which you can fill out and voila... you have submitted an entry for judging. Shortlisted entries will be notified in plenty of time for the festival. Not to mention being given the VIP treatment at the festival itself!

Entry Details

Entries are allowed from anyone currently studying on a course up to and including SCQF Level 8. That is HND level in Scotland's colleges. Closing date for entries is NOW MIDNIGHT on the 17th May so if you have any college projects you feel deserve recognition (and don't we all?) get them submitted ASAP.

You can enter by scanning the QR code or following the link to the Ayrshire Film Festival External Award. Good luck and looking forward to seeing you there.

QR code for Ayrshire Film Festival external award submissions form
Submit an entry to the Ayrshire Film Festival external award here.

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