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Nathan Clark Inducted To ACTV Hall Of Fame

The first event at the Ayrshire Film Festival will be the inaugural induction to the ACTV hall of fame. Former Ayrshire College student, Nathan Clark, gets the honour of being the first ever hall of famer.

Nathan's journey to this momentous occasion began with his enrolment in our HNC program, where he quickly distinguished himself as a truly unique and talented student. His creativity and flair for editing, drones, and special effects were unparalleled.

After excelling while a student on our HNC Media Analysis and Production course he has gone on to prove everyone's faith in him. As a student at UWS his final year work caught the attention of the Royal Television Society, earning him a prestigious award that served as a testament to his talent and hard work.

Since then he has established himself as a Motion Graphics designer in the industry with his unique talent and boundless creativity making him a standout in his field.

As the first induction to our Hall Of Fame Nathan will have a unique place in the history of ACTV and the Ayrshire College Media Department. He will now be a beacon to current and recent students to excel in their own field of work. But he will by no means be the last with new Hall Of Fame inductees planned for subsequent years.

Everyone would like to congratulate Nathan and wish him continued success in his development in the years to come. It is not too late to come along to our film festival in Ayr. Simply rsvp your intention to come and hope to see you there.

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